Who needs public liability insurance?

Although it’s not a legal requirement, public liability insurance is highly recommended and most business owners will have taken out a policy to cover their business against any third-party legal claims. So, if you run your own business at home or at a commercial property, it’s crucial that you are you covered by public liability insurance. If you fail to take out adequate cover, a liability claim against your small business could leave you facing eye-watering costs and even bankruptcy.  So, regardless of the legal ramifications, public liability insurance is something you should strongly bear in mind to protect you and your business.

Like most other forms of insurance, such as car or landlord insurance, you can think of public liability insurance as a form of safety net to help you in times of need when you are required by law to pay large sums of money to settle a claim but do not have the sufficient funds in your account. This is when you can make a claim on your insurance and you can use the funds to settle any legal action.

If you’re wondering whether this kind of insurance applies to you, then you need to ask yourself if you provide goods or services to the general public and other businesses such as those offered by a sub-contractor, a hairdresser, a plumber or IT consultancy services. If so, then you can obtain quotes very quickly and simply using online services such as Swinton public liability insurance.

The law generally states that individuals or businesses must pay for the losses caused by the business of its employees. Therefore, businesses without Public Liability Insurance have to pay the full cost of a loss. Or if you’re a sole trader then your liability is unlimited this means you’ll have to pick up the cost yourself. And awards for compensation are not cheap – they can often amount to significant sums of money.


So if a client slips over on the floor of your premises and suffers an injury and goes on to take action against you, then public liability insurance can cover any costs arising from the claim such as legal expenses and settlements. Though take note: this kind of insurance only covers third party claims and not those made by your employees.

If you’re unsure of how to proceed, you can simply go online and search for an experienced public liability insurance broker. Whether you’re a self-employed beautician working from home or an accountant, your broker will be knowledgeable of the risks you may face while you go about your day-to-day business activities.

Unsure what to do next?  Go online and find an insurance broker experienced in arranging public liability insurance.  Whether you’re a nail technician or accountant, your broker will be well aware of the risks you face while going about your day-to-day business activities and will discuss your requirements and arrange a competitive insurance policy tailored to your needs.  They can also arrange a policy which extends to cover products supplied by you in your business.

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