What’s Better: Employer’s or Public Liability Insurance?

It depends on who you ask when it comes to deciding on whether Employer’s Liability insurance or Public Liability insurance is better. So in a way it’s very subjective, but one’s decision will depend entirely on how much weighting each individual places on each aspect of Employers and Public Liability insurance.


The main difference is that only one of these types of insurance is required by all. Employer’s Liability insurance is compulsory for all businesses that employ one or more people. This doesn’t apply to freelance workers, though. This protects employees against any illness or injuries that they may sustain whilst in the work place. It essentially protects the employer against any legal claims made by an employee.

Public Liability insurance is optional. Although any business that brings members of the public or any clients on to their premises would be a fool to not possess this insurance, it’s not compulsory. This means businesses can save on costs by taking a chance by not taking out this form of insurance.


The usability aspect is something that’s debatable as each business in each industry will find a different level of use from Employers and Public Liability insurance.

Employer’s Liability insurance is essential for protecting the company against any legal cases put forward by employees. For industries like construction this will be much more important as workers are put at risk on a regular basis.

Public Liability insurance, however, is more useful for the large majority of businesses as they will be dealing with members of the public from a cross-section of society. In the large majority of industries there will be a higher chance of a member of the public hurting themselves than a trained employee.


This depends entirely on the insurance broker, but since Employer’s Liability insurance is more common and is compulsory this will generally be cheaper than Public Liability insurance. Insurers also understand that members of the public have a larger risk of hurting themselves than a trained employee. However, the truth is that many businesses will simply take out an insurance policy that encompasses both of these policies.

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