Landlord liability insurance


Landlord liability insurance is a type of insurance that covers the cost of claim from a liability but if a tenant is injured or their properties damaged because of a fault in your property, as a landlord you will be the one stand for it. Here are some of important things to follow when you want Landlord liability insurance: One is supposed to build up a policy using the simplest quote forms, in … [Read More...]

Rent Guarantee Insurance

This is a legal defense cover that is paid to defend legal actions that are taking against the properties; Rent Guarantee Insurance is of many benefits since it offers maximum legal protection and also provides compensation of any damaged properties or in ensuring that there are no any non business issues in the business such as the unwanted squatters living in the legal properties without any … [Read More...]

Landlords Insurance

Many landlords will simply look at the insurance they need to protect their buildings. That’s a good start, but many landlords overlook the fact that they will have their own items in there. It’s another expense within the industry, but it’s a worthy expense as a disaster can lead to thousands being paid out of one’s own pocket. “Someone Said I Don’t Need It” It’s true that not every … [Read More...]